VitalForce has a project, at the end of each harvest, to hold its convention, where the trophies are distributed to the partners, giving them all the confidence deposited during the year. “We are grateful for the 2017/18 harvest and we reaffirm our commitment to them in the 2018/19 harvest, which will be a success again,” he says.

VitalForce already achieves excellence in results both in Brazil and in Paraguay and Argentina, in crops such as soy, corn, coffee, HF, among others. “We try to be as transparent as possible. Our goal is to become a reference for agricultural dealerships in South America, and for this we count on our partners, who, during the Convention, show the launch of technologies and campaigns. This brings enthusiasm and greater credibility to our partners, “says Gustavo Boscon, who expects, for the next harvest, to have Brazil as the largest soybean producer in the world, surpassing the United States.