The company

Founded on January 22, 2007

Founded in 2007, VitalForce started the activities always focusing on innovation and specialization, because, for the shareholders, just these requirements make it a company able to face the challenges and establishing itself in the market.

In 2011, the company started the expansion, improved the product portfolio and the commercial structuring. Today, VitalForce is present in several Brazilian states offering great products for nutrition by leaf and soil.

The year 2012 marked a new era for the company. VitalForce inaugurated the new plant in Barretos, built in accordance to environmental requirements and improved to meet market demand better.Beginning of activities in Paraguay – a great producer of soybeans , corn, wheat, rice and several cultivars of the agribusiness, the neighboring country marks the expansion of VitalForce beyond Brazil, consolidating the company as a precursor of innovations.

With innovative products and qualified staff, VitalForce completes 10 years in 2017. Throughout this period, the company expanded the portfolio, always producing innovative products that aggregate productivity and reducing environmental impacts.

Mission: Offer society, products and services that contribute to the sustainable growth of the business, combining environmental preservation and social responsibility.
Vision: Reference in innovative solutions, and be considered the company that most value the distribution channels in South America.


Industrialization with Quality.

Transparent Partnership with Customers, Suppliers and Team.

Ethics in All Business Environments.

Excellence organization.

Business profitability.

Environmental responsibility.

Social responsability.

Research and Development

VitalForce seeks for high productivity coupled with sustainability; for that invests in Research and Development of new technologies applied to agriculture.

The company has a specialized department that brings new high performance products, reducing the environmental impacts